A bride wearing a flower crown tosses flower petals into the air

What can a bride wear instead of a veil?

Unique bridal veils are sort of my thing. I love the idea of accessories that can showcase a bride's unique style and personality. 


But what if veils totally are NOT your thing? 


That's OK. And I'm here to tell you you do NOT have to wear a veil on your wedding day! Your mom, great aunt, and future mother-in-law may have a different opinion, but only your opinion matters in this case. 


There are lots of great ways to add a pop of style to your bridal look without a veil!


Bridal sleeves

 Still give you that fabric "flow" and make you feel like dancing!


Bridal bows 

Ultra-feminine and just so cute!



Bridal hair pins

 Like a tiny flower bouquet for your hair!


Bridal drape capes 

 The most dramatic - just like wearing a veil, but not on your head.

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